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  • TechCXO Panel on Data Driven Growth at the AWS Loft in NYC

    On Tuesday night, I had the privilege to participate in an interesting panel discussion on Data Driven Growth hosted by TechCXO and sponsored by Riverside Acceleration Cap​ital. It was held at the AWS Loft,

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  • IDC Health Insights:  Optimizing Digital Patient Experience a Strategic Imperative

    This is a good article published recently by David Raths in Healthcare Informatics featuring an interview with Mutaz Shegewi, research director for healthcare provider IT transformation strategies at IDC Health Read More
  • HealthTech: Consumerization of Care #1 Healthcare Trend for 2019

    Patient Experience and Engagement the Most Critical Issue for Both the Bottom Line and Successful Outcomes

    Two recent articles in HealthTech put a nice book end on all the coverage in Read More

    Giving Tuesday (November 27th) is a global day of giving – it reminds us to get in the holiday spirit by helping out family, friends, colleagues and communities. Connexient co-founders Mark

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  • Forbes: What Patients Really Want And Why Healthcare Companies Should Care

    This excellent article in Forbes talks about how the emphasis on great Customer Experience in Retail and Hospitality industries has changed consumer expectations in Healthcare. This trend is driving many healthcare networks

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Every journey begins with a first step, and so shall ours! Today we are kicking off the Connexient blog.  

Connexient, LLC is dedicated to creating innovative Indoor Mapping, Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Location-based Services Solutions for Healthcare and other Enterprise verticals to:

  • Improve the patient and visitor experience; 
  • Increase staff and operational productivity; and 
  • reduce costs.

This blog will focus on these themes.  While of course we will talk about the way our solutions and services can help, our blog will also seek to provide insights on strategies, spotlight tools and services that are synergistic, and contribute to the vibrant industry conversation in this area.   

 We live in a world of digital convergence and network ubiquity, where people want and expect to get personalized, relevant information anytime and anywhere they need it: at home, the office, on the go and on-site.   This revolution has brought huge gains in efficiency and many other benefits to virtually every economic and business sector of the modern world. 

In the mobile sphere, a second revolution is arriving in the form of Indoor Positioning Technologies. These will bring the same kinds of Location-based Services and Features - such as turn-by-turn navigation, location-aware or proximity-based notifications - to large urban interior spaces that have become commonplace in the "outdoor world."

Indoor LBS applications have many types have already become very popular in the Retail sector, supported by a thriving ecosystem of young companies as well as technology giants such as Apple and Google.

Connexient™ is dedicated to applying these technologies and providing innovative solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of Enterprise clients. 

Our vision is simple: 5 or 10 years from now visitors - and staff - will come to expect robust, accurate and reliable Indoor Mapping, Navigation and Location-based Services in every large building or facility in the world. Connexient™ is dedicated to being a leader in this enormous emerging market.

Let the journey begin!

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Connexient LLC

210 West 29th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10001
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