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  • TechCXO Panel on Data Driven Growth at the AWS Loft in NYC

    On Tuesday night, I had the privilege to participate in an interesting panel discussion on Data Driven Growth hosted by TechCXO and sponsored by Riverside Acceleration Cap​ital. It was held at the AWS Loft,

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  • IDC Health Insights:  Optimizing Digital Patient Experience a Strategic Imperative

    This is a good article published recently by David Raths in Healthcare Informatics featuring an interview with Mutaz Shegewi, research director for healthcare provider IT transformation strategies at IDC Health Read More
  • HealthTech: Consumerization of Care #1 Healthcare Trend for 2019

    Patient Experience and Engagement the Most Critical Issue for Both the Bottom Line and Successful Outcomes

    Two recent articles in HealthTech put a nice book end on all the coverage in Read More

    Giving Tuesday (November 27th) is a global day of giving – it reminds us to get in the holiday spirit by helping out family, friends, colleagues and communities. Connexient co-founders Mark

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  • Forbes: What Patients Really Want And Why Healthcare Companies Should Care

    This excellent article in Forbes talks about how the emphasis on great Customer Experience in Retail and Hospitality industries has changed consumer expectations in Healthcare. This trend is driving many healthcare networks

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b2ap3_thumbnail_clock-watcher.pngThis excellent article on focuses on a key issues in Patient Experience:  Waiting Times for Appointments!   Among other things, it points out - and research validates - that the anticipation and perception of waiting is often just as anxiety-producing as the actual waiting itself. 

At Connexient, we are working on a number of important ways to attack and ultimately eliminate this problem.

First and foremost, we are providing an end-to-end navigation solution with MediNav - both outdoors and indoors - that eliminates the stress of getting lost. Convenient features like Parking Planner and My Car Saver ensure that the patient or visitor is directed to the most convenient parking location based on their actual appointment location inside the building, and then will get them back to their car hours later.   This not coincidentally can also help the Healthcare provider reduce appointment late-shows, which wreak havoc with schedules and often are a primary source of long waits in the first place.

We are also working on innovative pilots with several clients to integrate appointment reminders with MediNav, supported by HIPAA-compliant communications in our partnership with Mutare.  Just this one simple step of an SMS reminder, with an easy option for customers to then set their own follow-up reminders, has been proven to reduce no shows.

As we move forward down this path, we are working towards an "Airline Check-in model" where we can dynamically update the organizations scheduling system so appointments can be better managed to actual reduce wait times.

Technology is not the whole solution but - when integrated into Enterprise IT and processes - can have a big impact on improving both the perception and real pain points of Patient Experience.

Read the article on Patient


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