MediNavTM starts with the world's most advanced and intuitive "blue dot" indoor navigation, with audio prompts, off-route notification and much more. But that's just the starting point. Thanks to our 20 years of experience in Hospital wayfinding, Connexient understands and addresses the unique needs of Healthcare networks and your users - whether they be patients, visitors or staff.

True Turn-by-Turn Mobile Indoor Navigation

When it comes to navigation, only one standard is good enough: true turn-by-turn. Connexient was founded on one simple, driving vision:

True Turn by Turn

Connexient delivers on that vision. Our users get all of the features they have come to expect and depend in the outdoor world.

  • Route preview and step-by-step directions
  • Reliable, dynamic indoor positioning accurate to 1 - 2 meters
  • "Fly through" camera view driven by user location
  • Directional blue dot and snap to route
  • Voice guidance and audio prompts
  • Off route notification and recalculation

And this is just the starting point. Connexient is working to continually improve and perfect the best indoor navigation user experience in the world.

All Screens Digital Wayfinding

Based on the 20 years of experience of our founders in Hospital wayfinding, Connexient knows that a multi-channel, multi-modal approach to Patient Experience and Digital Wayfinding is essential to user satisfaction.  Your customers have a wide range of demographics, and many different devices and modes of information gathering.

Therefore, the MediNav™ HTML5 Application Suite provides a consistent, integrated and engaging solution across all touchpoints  to ensure that your users can access the information they need anytime, anywhere and on any screen.

  • Web.  Integrate our maps & wayfinding with your Web site.
  • Kiosks.  Choose from our innovative touchscreen Wayfinding Kiosks or integrate MediNav™ maps and wayfinding to any existing HTML5 compliant Kiosk system.
  • Digital Signage.  Add location-specific maps and wayfinding to HTML5 compliant digital signage systems.
  • Print Media.   Place MediNav™  at your information and reception desks, and use our Send2Phone and Print features to provide personalized maps and directions to arriving visitors.

Most importantly, with Connexient's MediNav™, when you make one update your maps, location-based content and other information is instantly published to all platforms! 

Outdoor + Indoor Campus and Network Wide Wayfinding

Connexient also understands that indoor maps and navigation alone are not enough.    A user's wayfinding journey starts long before they get to the hospital.    Connexient's deep integration as a Google Maps for Work Partner enables us to provide true end-to-end, outdoor + indoor maps and navigation.

  • The Complete Google Maps Experience.   This means we can get the user from or to anywhere in the world, and to points of interest such as restaurants and banks in your local area.
  • Campus Navigation.   Connexient builds and maintains custom map layers to update and fill in critical information Google does not know, such as the names of buildings, their location entrances - and respective parking, and so on.
  • Network Locations.   Starting right from inside your hospital, MediNav can take users on to clinics, laboratories, medical office buildings in your Healthcare network.
  • Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transitions.  MediNavTM features integrated deep links to Google Navigation and automatic transitions between Google Navigation to Indoor Navigation to guide users every step of the way.

Parking Solutions that Work

One of the biggest challenges facing any visitor arriving at a major hospital or medical center is parking.  Which garage or lot is closest to my actual appointment location, and how do I get there?  And where did I leave my car when I parked hours ago?!  These are not trivial issues.  Selecting the wrong garage means a very long, stressful and confusing journey to start and end your day.  

Only Connexient brings a fanatical focus to making the complex problem of parking simple for users.

  1. Parking Planner.   Recommends the best parking location based on the user's indoor destination, and then provides directions and navigation to get to that exact garage or lot.
  2. Welcome Screen.  Automatically detects the user's arrival in the garage and presents a customized welcome screen.
  3. My Car Saver.  Prompts the user to save their parking location - or can automatically remember it - and then provides one-touch option to navigate back to it after the visit is over.
  4. Campus Entry Wizard.  Guides users to the correct entrance based on the parking location - and can even address time of day exclusions (e.g. gates closed) and different routing according to different visitor types (e.g. patient, visitor, staff).
  • Recommending Your Parking Location

    Recommending Your Parking Location

  • Getting You There

    Getting You There

  • Save Your Spot

    Save Your Spot

  • Take You Back to Your Car

    Take You Back to Your Car

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MediNavTM offers additional capabilities that make it a powerful tool for both patient and visitor experience and many staff needs.   These are just a few examples.

  • Location-based Engagement.  Set up zones and define messaging and screens to engage users based on their location in your facility.
  • One Touch Communications.   Text, Email, Call and Video calls.
  • News & Content.  Articles, RSS Feeds, Twitter & Facebook Feeds, Alerts and more.
  • Surveys.  Survey module with location-based triggers.

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